Join Meetings

How can I join a meeting?

If your host has sent you a meeting link, click the link and the meeting will open in your web browser. That’s all you need to do!

If they’ve also provided a conference calling line, dial in to the meeting with your telephone or mobile device.

You can also access your meeting from www.WebMeeting.com. Enter the Meeting ID and your name to be placed into the web meeting.

Can I view the screen sharing in full screen mode?

The viewer offers full screen view; click on the full screen icon on the top right of your Web Meeting window as desired.

Do I need to install Web Meeting?

No. Meeting attendees do not need to install any software.

Do I need a Web Meeting account to join a meeting?

No. Attendees do not need an account to join a meeting.

If you’d like to try hosting a meeting yourself, we offer a 14-day free trial. Create an account on our website to activate your trial.

How do I join a conference call?

The host will provide you with a dial-in phone number and conference access code. Please call in to the meeting with your landline or mobile phone. If you don’t have this information when you join into the meeting, click the Audio Conferencing button from the viewer.

How I do chat?

To open the chat window, click on the messaging icon towards the upper right. This will open the chat and participant window. You’ll have the ability to chat to the entire group or private chat to selected attendees.

Note: If chat window is closed and you receive a new message, a pop up alert will appear towards the bottom right of your screen.

How do I accept file transfers?

When your host shares a file, the file name will appear in the chat window. You’ll need to click “Accept” to begin the file transfer.

How do I download/save the file?

To view and save the file, click the folder icon. The save option will be determined by your web browser.

How do I leave the meeting?

Simply close out of your browser to leave the meeting. If you have the meeting running in a browser with multiple tabs, you can close the meeting tab to exit the conference.