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There is no software installation required. Participants join a Web Meeting session using only their browser. As a result, they avoid any technical complexity at the start of your meeting.

Everyone’s together in a matter of seconds so you can start on time.

Some common questions our customers ask

How long are your contracts?

We make it very simple to start and stop your service at any point. You're never locked in to a contract and can adjust your plan anytime.

Can I change plans at any time?

During the 14-day free trial, you will be on a fixed plan. You can upgrade to an active account and choose the preferred plan at the end of your trial.

What are my payment options?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover through our online payment system. All transactions are available to review 24/7.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

During your 14-day free trial, you get full access to Web Meeting features to run online meetings. There are no setup fees or hidden costs, cancel your trial should it not fit for your needs.

How do I cancel service?

Canceling Web Meeting is an easy and no-questions-asked process. You can cancel online right from your client center.

Do attendees need to download anything?

No. Web Meeting attendees can join a meeting in seconds through their browser, without a software download.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Customer Success team is based entirely in-house at our offices. They are highly trained to help you make the most out of Web Meeting. Call us today!


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