Conference Call

How to view your conference call information, including dial-in numbers

To view your conference call information, click the Audio Conferencing icon on the meeting toolbar. From here, you can view your toll and toll-free dial-in numbers, your unique conference code, and your host code. Do not share host code information with participants. They will be able to access the conference with their 6-digit conference code.

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How do I start a conference call?

Dial your dedicated number. Enter the conference code when prompted, then enter the host code last.

Do you offer international dial-in numbers?

Yes. We offer conference dial-in numbers for over 70 countries worldwide.

How many callers can join the conference call?

The number of callers will be determined by your plan and is consistent with the number of online meeting attendees.

Does my conference call information stay the same?

Yes, your conference call information remains the same and is ready to use any time.

What features can I use from the dial-pad(#)?

  • 1* - Mute / Unmute Conference
  • 2* - Lock / Unlock Conference
  • 3* - Call Continuation Off/On
  • 4* - Self-Mute Line
  • 5* - Conference Recording On/Off
  • 6* - Require Name Announcement
  • 7* - Exit Tone Off/On
  • 8* - Total Caller Count
  • 9* - New Entry Tone Off/On
  • 78* - End Conference Call