Chat & File Transfer

How to use the live chat feature

To send text chat messages to your participants, select the messaging icon on the meeting toolbar. A chat window will open. You can send a text chat message to all participants in your meeting or select individual participants. You may also send files through the meeting chat system to supplement your meeting.

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How to send a file to your participants

To send a file to your participants, open the chat window by clicking the chat icon on the meeting toolbar. Select your recipient – either “All Participants” or an individual.

To attach a file, you can either drag and drop a file into the chat text window or click the “add file” icon to search for a file on your computer. Click “Send.”

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Can I remove a file I no longer want to share?

To remove a file that you’ve already sent, click the red X.

What file types can I share?

You can share any file type via Web Meeting.

Can attendees share files?

Yes, attendees can share files to the whole group or to individual participants, unless the host has limited chat settings to the moderator only. (See Settings > Customize)

Do I have to keep chat open to see new messages?

You’ll receive two notifications when you receive a chat message – one on your toolbar, and one at the bottom of your screen. That way, you don’t have to keep the chat module open during your meeting.

Can I limit chat messages to only the host?

Yes. To limit chat messages to the host only, click the Settings icon on the top right of the toolbar. Select "Customize." Click "Edit." Select the “Chat to moderator only” checkbox. Attendees will now only be allowed to send chat messages to the moderator.

Can I review my chat after my meeting?

Chat transcripts are planned for future versions of Web Meeting but are not currently available.

Is there a file size limit?

You can send files up to 25MB at this time in a single file transfer.

Can I chat or share a file with a specific attendee?

Yes. You can choose to transfer files to a single participant or the entire online meeting group.